• Everybody plus a car – day cruise
  • Car package, car + 4 persons
  • 1.12.2021 – 21.6.2022
  • fr. 170 / 1785 kr
  • Everybody plus a car – day cruise XL
  • Car package, car + trailer (total max 9m) + 4 persons
  • 1.1 – 31.12.2021
  • fr. 200

Everybody + a car day cruise

Take this opportunity to bring the whole family on a cruise!

With this package you get cruise tickets for up to 4 persons and a car. Bring your family on a relaxing day cruise and discover your closest neighboring city. Our popular archipelago buffet is served with all the delicacies you can imagine and at our À la Carte restaurant you can experience fantastic dishes.

Is the trunk of your car too small to fit all the shopping bags and boxes? Then the XL package is a  great package for you and anyone else looking to go on a shopping spree. Hook up the trailer, pack your family in the car and go on a cruise. This package includes cruise tickets for 4 persons including a car with a trailer, combined length max 9 meters.

Please note that to book this package a car must be included.

Welcome aboard and remember, it’s happening at Wasaline!