• Everybody + a car
  • Car + 4 persons / 2 adults & max 3 children
    Please note that two of the children can be 6-17, the third child should be under 6 years.
  • fr. 175 / 1840 kr
  • Valid: 22.6 – 9.8.2022

Everybody plus a car one-way

Are you continuing your trip in Finland or Sweden or do you want to bring a car for comfort? Wasaline can now offer this opportunity to bring a car with you for a fantastic price. This package includes everybody (max 4 people) and a car. You can also book a fifth passenger for the ordinary ticket price.

As always, once onboard you can enjoy of our delicious archipelago buffet, a la carte menus or the cafeteria.

Family package

Wasaline’s family package with a car is making a comeback due to your wishes. Our family package includes a max of 2 adults, 3 children and a car. Are you driving on in Finland or Sweden, or do you just want to bring a car for comfort.

Don’t wait too long, the amount of tickets is limited.

Please note that to book this package a car must be included.