Wasaline chefs
  • Autumn buffet on board Aurora Botnia
  • 24.10. – 17.11.2022

  • from 34 / 357 kr

Autumn buffet

Delicious autumn tastes on board Aurora Botnia.

The food on board Aurora Botnia always reflects the changing of the seasons. Between October 24th and November 17th our passengers can enjoy autumn’s freshest ingredients such as mushrooms, venison, and berries in our Autumn buffet. Let our chefs spoil you with creamy soups, slow-cooked stews, and succulent meat dishes.

A few examples from Aurora Botnia’s Autumn buffet:

  • Moose beef with cranberry cumberland
  • Rich crab soup
  • Roast of deer
  • Pickled chanterelles
  • Smoked venison
  • Butternut sallad with wheat berry
  • Crostinis with gorgonzola creme
  • Salmon with lobster sauce and roasted cauliflower
  • Sea buckthorn pannacotta and cranberry-caramel biscuits

Our goal is always to build a menu that customers of all ages and diets can enjoy. Therefore the list above is only a small sample of our Autumn buffet – there’s plenty more to choose from.

We would like to wish all of our customers a lovely autumn.

You are warmly welcome!