• Party cruise to Vaasa
  • Round trip tickets with the ferry & onboard accommodation, 4 persons in an outside cabin
  • 10.8.2020 – 2.1.2021
  • fr. 468 kr

Party cruise to Vaasa

Enjoy a different Saturday night, try one of our inexpensive party cruises to Vaasa. We have planned party cruises one Saturday every month.

Cruise program: Leave on Saturday evening and overnight onboard, return to Umeå in the morning the following day well-rested. The ferry departs from Holmsund at 18:00 on Saturday. You can start the trip with a delicious meal at one of our cosy restaurants. When you have eaten it’s time to head to deck 8 to the ship’s bar. Every Friday and Saturday we have live entertainment and a wide variety of drinks at the bar. Find our cruise program here

The trip takes 4,5 hours so at 23:30 local time we will arrive in Vaasa. Directly after the arrival there is a bus outside the terminal that takes you to Vaasa city center. Tickets on the bus can be bought from the driver. The party can now continue at one of Vaasa’s many restaurants that are all within walking distance. Most of the restaurants are open until 04:00 so there is plenty of time to study the local nightlife. When you get the feeling it’s time to grab a taxi and make your way back to the ferry where a cabin is waiting for you. The Vaasa terminal is open until 04:30 so make sure to return before that. On Sunday morning the ferry departs at 08:00 with breakfast served at the cafe. At 11:30 local time you are back in Holmsund where our transfer bus will take you to Umeå.

Remember to book tickets on the transfer bus here.

Overnight cruise from Umeå

Price for the whole cabin(equals) price per person
1 person in outside cabin 814 kr814 kr / person
2 persons in outside cabin 1166 kr583 kr / person
3 persons in outside cabin 1518 kr506 kr / person
4 persons in outside cabin 1870 kr468 kr / person
1 person in inside cabin 770 kr770 kr / person
2 personer in inside cabin 1078 kr539 kr / person