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Mats-Erik Skinnars, Transport. K Westerlund, drives for Ahola. He is transporting steel and paper from Hanko in southern Finland to Sundsbruk in Sweden and returning through Husum. He likes Wasaline, and the route Vaasa-Umeå, and he frequently uses it. The current situation has not affected the transports so far, but more attention has been focused on hygiene, for instance by using plastic gloves when loading.

Heiki Teder, Pekki Transport is transporting building material from Lempäälä to Lycksele. He thinks the route is fast and good, and the food onboard gets a special thank you.  He takes the route every second month.  He is also looking forward to the new ferry. Heiki is worried about the situation in the world, as everything is upside-down, but it has not affected his job.

Tage Forsman, Wiklund Transport, drives for Ekeri. He is transporting new trailers from Kolppi in Finland to Raufoss in Norway. Wasaline’s route is perfect, as it means that he can pretty much just drive straight to where he is going. The company uses it every week. He has noticed a decline in demand, especially in deliveries between sub-suppliers.

Riipulk Kalmer, Transport Savikko, is transporting metal from northern Finland to Norway and Sweden and uses Wasaline 5-6 times a year. It is a fast and convenient route. The amount of transports has not been affected, but it takes a bit more time now as there are more stops due to border controls.

My name is Tony Ehrs and I work as Cargo Director at Wasaline. Our ferry M/S Wasa Express is transporting cargo on a daily basis to keep the cargo traffic going between Finland and Sweden. Our cargo capacity is 850 meters which equals to almost 40 trucks. The pressure on cargo deck is very high at the moment and we have received new customers who seek good alternatives to their ordinary routes. Today we are working hard with filling up the cargo deck so the traffic over Kvarken can continue. I am very proud of our personnel at the cargo booking, at the check-in and on board. They are doing their utmost at this very difficult and demanding situation.