Construction work at the Holmsund ferry terminal

Comprehensive construction work is in progress around the Holmsund ferry terminal to accommodate our new ferry Aurora Botnia. To enable the construction work, all arrivals and departures with Wasa Express are moved to the inner harbour until further notice. The inner harbour is usually reserved for cargo vessels. The inner harbour is a closed-off area with fences and gates and is governed by the ISPS Security Code. Only authorised personnel have access to the area according to their security class. For this reason, passengers are not allowed to board the ferry directly, and it is not possible to pick up or drop off passengers by the ferry.

Please note! There is no check-in at the inner harbour.

Travelling by car or cargo vehicle

Departure: If you are bringing your car onboard, you must check in at the vehicles waiting area in connection with the ferry terminal. Cargo vehicles are also checked in at the car check-in as usual. After check-in, the cars will line up as usual in the vehicles waiting area. Transport to the inner harbour is conducted in a column, meaning that Wasaline’s personnel drives first and the car queue follows to the inner harbour where Wasa Express awaits. The leading car of the column is marked with a flashing warning light on the roof.

Please note! Pay attention to the instructions given by the personnel when forming the column and driving to the inner harbour.

Arrival: When arriving to Holmsund, all vehicles will be directed by Wasaline’s personnel to the main gate as the vehicles leave the ferry. The gate is opened automatically on approach, and you may leave the area and proceed to your destination.

Please note! Pay attention to the instructions given by the personnel when leaving the ferry. The speed limit in the area is 30 km per hour.

Travelling on foot

Departure: The check-in for passengers travelling without a car is in the ferry terminal as usual. If you are arriving by car you can leave your car in the terminal parking lot. If you arrive to the ferry by taxi or are getting a ride, always ask to be dropped off at the terminal. You can also book a bus transfer as usual. The bus will take you to the ferry terminal. Once at the ferry terminal, check in at the terminal. All passengers must check-in at the check-in desk in the terminal. After check-in, the passengers will board a waiting bus directly outside the terminal. The bus will take you to the inner harbour to board the Wasa Express.

Please note! The gates are not in use while operating the ferry from the inner harbour. This means everyone must use the manual check-in desk for check-in and boarding.

Arrival: When arriving to Holmsund, the bus will take you from the ferry to the terminal. Those who have booked a bus transfer to Umeå can remain on the bus. The bus will continue to the centre of Umeå once passengers who have their own car or are being picked up at the terminal have gotten off.

The construction will enable smoother travelling onboard our new ferry Aurora Botnia. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the construction phase.