All time high in cargo in november for Wasaline

November was the best month for cargo at Wasaline since the start of the traffic in 2013.

Wasaline increased the number of cargo units in November by 26%. Cumulatively, the increase has been 6% of the total volume.

“It feels fantastic to return to Wasaline and continue the long-term work with the cargo traffic across the Kvarken. It feels especially good when the volumes are good, which is a proof of the loyalty and support the cargo customers have for the important traffic across the Kvarken”, says Tony Ehrs, Cargo Director at Wasaline.

Passenger traffic has shifted to only those travelling for work or studies and this year the number of passengers has decreased by 72%.

Owned by Kvarken Link Oy, Wasaline is the northernmost shipping company that transports passengers and cargo daily between Vaasa, Finland and Umeå, Sweden. Wasaline’s new vessel, under construction in Rauma, will be delivered in May 2021. For more information:

For more information:

Tony Ehrs, Director, Cargo tel: +358 50 5371450  e-mail: [email protected]

Peter Ståhlberg, Managing Director, tel: +358 40 559 2353 e-mail: [email protected]