Wasa Express saves energy in an innovative way

Wasaline is making M/S Wasa Express more environmentally friendly and saves energy in different ways. The latest innovation is that batteries have been installed, which in a so-called Black out can supply energy to the most important pumps on board. This means that Wasa Express now can sail with only one generator, instead of two. Wasa Express is probably the first passenger ferry in the world where such a back-up solution for critical pumps has been installed. The solution designed by the innovation company eMarine Engineering Nordic Ab means that Wasa Express saves 25 tonnes of fuel (approx. 80 tonnes of CO2) per month.

Three years ago, Wasaline started a unique environmental and energy saving project. eMarine installed Vacon AC Drives on board in connection with the installation of lithium batteries. AC Drives have also been installed in ventilation and other pumps with a unique control system from eMarine. All these measures have saved energy and improved the climate on board.

The battery backup system is constructed in a way that the pumps and systems that are important for maneuvering the ship are kept running for 10-15 minutes in the event of a blackout. Thus, it is possible to drive safely with only one generator even in narrow waterways, pilot sections and the like. This saves on the environment, fuel, operating time and maintenance costs on the generators and above all you avoid having to run two generators at 35% load but can run with only one optimized generator.

The system, developed by eMarine Engineering, is a complement to the extensive energy optimizations made in recent years which consists of e.g. Vacon NXP AC Drives for pump speed control.


“Our unique solution is the result of a collaboration between different suppliers and Wasaline. I am glad that Wasaline took the initiative to develop this product together with us. It shows that they take responsibility for the environment and guide the industry for future innovations, ”says Christoffer Gustavsson, CEO, eMarine Engineering Nordic Ab.

If the DC side of the system is connected to a DC network, this forms a backup function if you lose the AC network (normal power supply). The DC network itself consists of a battery pack of about 46 kWh from Super B, a DC / DC converter from Vacon and a switchboard from VEO for distribution to the various pumps. For smaller control systems, local UPSs are installed”, explains Jonas Teir, Technical Manager, Wasaline.


“I am very proud of the development of Wasaline. Since the start of the traffic in 2013, we have purposefully worked with environmental promotion measures. Fuel consumption has decreased by 40%. It has also contributed to the company successfully improving its financial results every year. We have also gradually improved the routines with waste management and sorting and abolished the use of disposable plastic on board. I look forward to our new ship Aurora Botnia which takes us to the next level to be the most environmentally friendly passenger ship in the world. Aurora Botnia will be delivered in May 2021 “, says Peter Ståhlberg, Managing Director, Wasaline.


Owned by Kvarken Link Oy, Wasaline is the northernmost shipping company that transports passengers and cargo daily between Vaasa, Finland and Umeå, Sweden. Wasaline’s new vessel, under construction at Rauma Marine Constructions, Finland, will be delivered in April 2021. For more information: www.wasaline.com.

More about the new vessel: www.aurorabotnia.wasaline.com


For more information:

Jonas Teir, Technical Manager, Wasaline, [email protected]

Peter Ståhlberg, Managing Director, Wasaline, [email protected]

Christoffer Gustavsson, CEO, eMarine Engineering , [email protected]