Read more about our travel cancellation and transportation terms here.

Driving instructions: The port of Vaasa is located about 4 km from the city centre, in Vaskiluoto. Follow road signs “SATAMA” to the terminal.
Parking: Free, unguarded parking area outside terminal.

Driving instructions: The Port of Umeå is located about 20 km east of Umeå. Follow road E12 straight to the terminal.
Parking: Free, unguarded parking area outside terminal.

Connections to/from terminals:
Bus service must be booked in advance. Read more about bus transport services in Vaasa

Taxi in Vaasa
Phone: +358 (0)600 300 11

Taxi in Umeå
Phone: +46 (0)90 77 00 00

Persons with health issues should consult their doctor regarding travel plans prior to making a reservation.

On board the ferry, all public areas are adapted for the disabled. There are, for example, adapted cabins, toilets and lifts between the decks.

For safety reasons we do not recommend travelling in advanced pregnancy.

Passengers with wheelchair are encouraged to use the gangway when boarding, since close access to a passenger lift on the car deck cannot be guaranteed. Our personnel will be happy to provide more information if needed.

We encourage passengers to get to know the vessel’s safety instructions. At departure a short presentation on the ship’s safety instructions and lifesaving equipment is given. The crew is always at your disposal regarding safety matters.

Wasaline safety management system is constructed according to the international safety code – ISM –Code – and it is approved and certified by Trafi.

Notice for passengers with cars:
All lose goods inside the vehicle must be securely fixed.
Smoking and open fire are forbidden on car deck.
Loitering on car deck during transit is forbidden.
Doors to car deck are closed during transit and opened on arrival.
Follow instructions closely on car deck and do not start your engine until it is your turn to drive out.
Flammable liquids in open containers cannot be handled or stored on car deck.
Valve on gas containers in campers and caravans must be closed during transit.

Pets should be declared at the time of booking because only a certain number of animals is accepted on-board. Pets are allowed only in areas specifically reserved for that purpose or in a pre-booked pet cabin. Animals are not welcome to restoration areas, so please bring own bowls for water and food.

For country-specific import restrictions, please consult your veterinary.

All arrival and departure times are indicated in local time. Finland is one hour ahead (+1 h) of Sweden i.e. when the time is 13.00 in Finland, it is 12.00 in Sweden.

Time on-board is fixed at Finnish time.