0207 716 810
Prices, landline: 8,35 snt/call + 7,06 snt/min mobile phone: 8,35 snt/call + 17,14 snt/min


Laivanvarustajankatu 6 Skeppsredaregatan 6
FIN-65170 VASA


Route description in Vaasa

If you arrive by car, below please find a map to help you find the harbor. If you use a GPS, you will find the coordinates below. Our terminal is located just a few kilometers from the city center of Vaasa.

From the port of Vaasa, there are also good taxi services that can take you to your next destination. You can order you taxi already on board by asking our personnel to order it at arrival.

There is also a bus connection to the city.

Address: Skeppsredaregatan 6, Vasa

System WGS 84
Lat: N 63º 05′ 18,9″
Long: E 21º 33′ 36,



090 185 200


Blå Vägen 4


Route description in Umeå

If you arrive by car, please see map for directions. Coordinates for GPS is also available below. Our terminal is not within walking distance from central Umeå and we therefore recommend bus or taxi transportation if you do not have private transport.

Upon arrival at the port of Umeå there are good taxi services that can take you to your next destination. The staff on board the ferry assist you with ordering transportation before arrival at the port of Umeå.

The bus transportation has to be ordered at least 3 hours in advance.
GPS coordinates to the terminal in Umeå:
System WGS 84
Lat: N 63º 40′ 52.92″
Long: E 20º 20′ 25.18″

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Mahdollisuudet päiväristeilylle Vaasaan on maanantaista keskiviikkoon sekä sunnuntaisin
Torstai-lauantai lähdöillä Vaasasta ehdit käydä Uumajassa vaikka ostoksilla.
Keskiviikkoisin ja sunnuntaisin voit lähteä edestakaiselle risteilylle jossa laiva vain kääntyy Uumajassa.
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