To Wasaline sponsorship means an opportunity to cooperate that increases visibility and recognizability of our brand by means of taking part in various client and public events. Sponsorship deals are always done as written documents. Sponsorships are a part of the marketing strategy of Wasaline and motivated by business reasons. This also means any deals require responding performance comparable to our input.

Please note that sponsoring is not the same as charity.

Our goals for sponsorships:

  • Added visibility
  • Increase in recognizability
  • To create new business opportunities
  • To deepen and improve customer relations

We wish that all contacts regarding sponsorships, such as inquiries as well as applications, are sent via email to [email protected].

Applications should contain the following:

  • How would Wasaline benefit from the partnership?
  • How is the object of sponsorship connected to Wasaline?
  • Basic information about the object
  • Which are the planned target audiences? How big are they?
  • Planned visibility
  • Length and cost of the offered partnership
  • Counterperformance
  • Which other partners are there, if any?