The fastest route across the Gulf of Bothnia!

Wasaline – CARGO

Wasaline offers the fastest transport alternative for your cargo from Vaasa, Finland to Umeå, Sweden. We operate regularly between the two cities all year round with a cargo-capable vessel, m/s Express. Our values are safety, speed, and reliability. We guarantee fast transports e.g. of combinations of vehicles, trailers as well as of special transports, and dangerous goods.

We at Wasaline take good care of our cargo customers, offering drivers good food, rest and a possibility to relax in a comfortable cabin while onboard.

Please note that all cargo bookings have to be made in advance, and the vehicle and cargo unit will have to be in the harbour at least 1 hour before the set departure time. The maximum allowed height of the transport at m/s Wasa Express is 4.43 metres.