Good to know

While booking, the following information is required

– the total length, width, height, total weight and cargo weight of the vehicle

– registration number

– electrical connection

– number of drivers

– other possible special measures needed

– IMO/ADR freight

– Payer

The units have to be booked in advance so that entrance to the harbour area can be guaranteed.

Wasaline transports the following cargo units




New cars and car chassis units

Power tools

Paper cassette


The check-in and loading times for vehicles are as follows:

– 1.5 hours before the vessel’s departure time for trailers and vehicles to be pulled or driven onboard the ship by a stevedoring company.

– 1 hour before the vessel’s departure time for trucks which the drivers themselves drive onboard the ship.

A vehicle that arrives late to the check-in may lose its booked space to a vehicle that is on the waiting list.

Method of payment

Invoice or cash/card payments. Please contact our cargo booking office to agree on the method of payment.

Cancellation of bookings

Wasaline will charge a payment for a booked space which is not used and which has not been cancelled in time. Bookings for trucks or other vehicles accompanied by driver have to be cancelled 1 hour before the vessel’s departure time. For other units, cancellations have to be made 1.5 hours before the departure time.