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On board Wasa Express there is a shop where you can buy different kind of products. The shop offers wine, liquor, sweets, toys, perfumes and other products to buy back home. Local products, i.e. Västerbotten cheese, local juice, local jam and Malax loaf, is also available.

Maj-Britt Martin from Söderfjärden in Sundom is on her way home. Behind her she has hundreds of kilometers and a lovely holiday in Norway. Maj-Britt travels with Wasaline a few times every year. “I like the store a lot. It has lots of room and the selection is good ” says Maj-Britt with a smile and displays her purchases. She has found many souvenirs to bring back home.

Per-Erik Olsson and Lisbeth Hagroos-Olsson from Umeå are on their way to Vaasa to meet their relatives. They travel between Vaasa and Umeå two to three times a year.

The happy couple are satisfied with the shop. ”We are big fans of wine and it was lovely to see the selection includes wines that neither Systembolaget or Alko have on their shelves.” Wasaline also gets its share of compliments: ”It’s always nice to come here. You get to eat and drink well, shop and listen to good music in the bar. Everything you need for a successful cruise.”

Wasa Express shop


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Finland 0207 716 810
Sweden 090 185 200

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Sweden 090 185205

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