The Västerbotten Experience initiative has reviewed Wasaline’s sustainability policy and welcomed Wasaline to its network of sustainable tourism providers.

Maiden voyage Aurora Botnia 21.8.2021

Västerbotten Experience is an initiative through which companies work together for more sustainable nature and cultural experiences in Västerbotten. Criteria set by Västerbotten Experience to its members follows the sustainability analysis created by the international Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). For example, member organisations must carry out the following sustainability work to be accepted into the network:

  • The company has a long-term sustainability policy
  • The company prioritises local suppliers and fair trade products
  • The company is committed to protect the environment and the biodiversity in its area of operations
  • The company ensures accessibility for people with special needs

The sustainability policy of Wasaline entails the entire organization and our way of working. Read more.

Västerbotten Experience initiative started in 2015 in Västerbotten county of Northern Sweden. Currently the network comprises of over 80 tourism and experience providers in Västerbotten.